Power particles for your seconds glue. With high power gluing, filling and modeling

The product idea:
The market offers a variety of adhesives for a wide range of application conditions and material compounds. The application range ranges from simple standard adhesives to power adhesives in the one or two-component range. Exactly in the group of power adhesives positioned DryFluid CA booster. The powder combines the advantages of the superglue with the system advantages of a high-performance plastic and combines it with a high-power adhesive, which has never been known before.
Dissatisfaction about existing solutions, especially for power adhesives, was the driving force behind the development of the new CA booster, the 2K system powder for seconds adhesives.

Power for your superglue:
CA-Booster is a high-end power amplifier powder specially adapted for seconds glue. It allows mixing to a high performance adhesive having a consistency such as e.g. of 2-component resins. The combination of second adhesive with power powder results in a considerably broadened application spectrum with simultaneous performance enhancement.
The ingredients are fine-tuned high-performance polymers with glass fiber bridges that ensure extreme stability. CA booster is therefore a glass fiber reinforced system plastic in powder form, which develops an enormous adhesive force in connection with CA products. The viscosity of the second adhesive determines the processing time as well as the time of the curing.
Bonding with CA boosters is characterized by extreme adhesion, impact strength and tensile strength. It ensures high-strength connections also with gap gauges, adhesive seams and material defects.

The system advantages of CA Booster:
Compared to the two-component mixers offered on the market, which must be mixed very precisely, the CA Booster does not have to adhere to a precise mixing ratio. This greatly facilitates application and leaves considerable room for the determination of processing time and consistency. CA booster bonds show extreme adhesion, impact strength and tensile strength.
The CA booster powder proves its qualities particularly in the case of gap gauges, adhesive seams and material defects in comparison to the superglue adhesives which are very suitable for small areal glues.

Easy to use:
Add only a few seconds of glue into a mixing vessel and mix with the powder in approximately equal amounts. Already after a few minutes a gelling process begins. Now apply the adhesive gel quickly to the clean and grease-free adhesive site. The viscosity of the second adhesive determines the processing time. The processing time is approx. 5 minutes for thin liquid adhesives. When using medium- and high-viscosity superglues, these times are extended individually. To accelerate the curing, a commercially available activator spray can be used. Workable after approx. 3-4 hours, the final strength is reached after 24 hours.

The properties of the DryFluid CA booster:

  • 2K system plastic with glass fiber bridges for high impact and tensile strength
  • Makes second-hand adhesives modelable and allows the formation of layers as well as the filling of joints
  • Allows the precise application without fear of leakage
  • Reaction time can be individually adjusted to the requirements by the use of low-, medium- or high-viscosity superglues
  • No exact adherence to mixing conditions is required as in the case of classic 2-component adhesives
  • Low material weight and therefore especially suitable for model construction
  • Very good adhesion to surfaces and extreme resilience of the adhesive spots
  • Easily reworked by drilling, arrows and grinding
  • Compared to previous Filler powders significantly increased toughness and breaking strength and no sudden, sometimes uncontrolled curing

DryFluid CA Booster - Make more of your superglue!